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Hi, I'm Viviana! 




Hi, I'm

Your branding & digital marketing expert. I am certified by Swiss Label top quality & Official Wix Expert in Geneva Switzerland. I am renowed for my high quality marketing events 😘 

​Every legendary business journey begins with a dream. However, in the age of the digital marketplace, translating that dream into tangible, real-life achievements requires more than just hard work—it demands vision, strategy, and an eye for compelling visual identity.

I've got the magic wand to craft a jaw-dropping, user-friendly E-commerce site! Open for business 24/7, as easy as pie, and as secure as Fort Knox. Let's get selling! 🎩🔒🛒

"Ready to shop 'til you"

"Social Media Maestro's Magic Touch: Where Your Brand Learns to Fly"

Unlock the power of your brand with a social media maestro at the helm! 🚀 Hand over the keys, sit back, and watch the magic unfold. Let me drive your digital journey. The best advertising agency Geneva.

"Web Wizardry: Where Pixels Dance & Dreams Shine"

Elevate your online presence with impeccable wix web design in Geneva! 🌐✨ Dive into a digital realm where aesthetics meet functionality and SEO equal profitability. With my services, expect nothing less than stunning results. 

"Branding blues? Fear not!"

🎨🚀 Let me be your visual identity vibe-checker, turning 'meh' into 'marvelous'! Dive into a brand-scape where colors pop, logos rock, and your brand becomes the talk. Let's make you unforgettable! 🌈✨

Your Ideal Solution

Testimonials & Certifications


"I can't praise this web agency enough! Thanks to their expertise and dedication, my website has transformed into a true digital gem. Viviana demonstrated exemplary professionalism, overseeing every detail of the project with incredible precision. The end result is nothing short of outstanding, far exceeding all my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend this agency to anyone seeking an exceptional digital transformation and top-notch customer service."

Maëliss Maurisset, Director of L'Extravagance


"Professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail personified! When it comes to delivering top-notch results, The FAB' Agency is unparalleled. Every detail is accounted for, every idea elevated. Flawless expertise and dedication to the mission make them the best in the business. I wasn't just satisfied, I was blown away. I wholeheartedly recommend The FAB' Agency, without a shadow of a doubt!"

Emma & Salvatore, Director of Mamma Lisa


"The immediate impact of the work executed was palpable just a few weeks in, evidenced by an influx of bookings from an excited cohort of new clients. Beyond the tangible outcomes, the invaluable counsel we received played a pivotal role in refining our offerings. This guidance not only enhanced our product portfolio but also ensured it resonated more deeply with the evolving needs and desires of our customer base. The synergy of results-driven execution and strategic advisement has transformed our trajectory, making us more attuned and adaptive in a competitive marketplace."

Ai Takano, Director of Iyashi Massage

Empowerment of 36 business with invaluable insights, data-driven solutions and personalized guidance. 


"Nothing Can

Stop You"

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