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El Güey... What a night there ! Drink, Eat & Party

Updated: Apr 8

Av. de Frontenex 3, 1207 Genève

OUR SUGGESTION : Make a reservation for the second seating; you won't be disappointed. The music gets louder, and the party begins!

📹 check the full video here :

🍸🍹The cocktails are phenomenal, and the Mexican cuisine is exquisite. Be sure to ask Andy, the bartender, for the passion margarita—it’s incredibly refreshing!

🌮🇲🇽I highly recommend trying the mushroom quesadilla with melted cheese and pairing it with top-notch tequila (Andy will assist you).

⏱️Make sure to reserve for the second seating after 9 pm to fully immerse yourself in the music experience—it feels like a real party! P.S.: Don’t miss out on trying the owner’s chili sauce—it’s a must! 🔥

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